Client Spotlight – Victor Divine

Client Spotlight – Victor Divine

Victor Divine is one of the most passionate real estate agents we know.  We’d be doing a disservice to our network by not introducing you to him. Below is a little insight into a man we’ve come to know and grown to love.

Why real estate?

Growing up I was always told to work hard in school, go to college, find a good steady job, and do something that I love. Which is exactly what I did…kind of. I majored and eventually worked in a field I knew would pay well, provide a steady income, and security… only to realize that I was not listening to the last part of my parents’ advice – “do something you love.”

The summer before my masters program a childhood friend of mine gave me the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and my passion for real estate was born. I think I got that book in May and by August I was practicing in real estate, that was in 2010. It took me a few years working at it part time, mostly with friends and family, before I made the dive to go all in.

I know this sounds cliché, but the thing I absolutely love most about this business is the relationships formed throughout the buying and selling process. Being privileged to hold somebody’s trust in me to help them secure their next home or sell for maximum value is something that is never lost on me, and so fulfilling. Let’s not sugar coat it, residential real estate is such an emotional roller-coaster ride! We all love it when the deal happens exactly the way it is supposed to happen (which is almost never the case), but dealing with the unexpected changes,

re- negotiations, and the surprises is what makes my job interesting. As much as I focus on getting the transaction complete, I would say I pay even more attention to the client’s emotions toward the transactions and results. For me, walking away from the closing table knowing that my client is 100% satisfied with our results is the best feeling in this business.

What makes you and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices different?

The three things that make us stand out the most would be our marketing, our creativeness, and our business model. We work with a lot of buyers, sellers, and landlords and one of the main things we focus on for each group is education.  We wholeheartedly believe that most of our value is in the free educational workshops and classes we hold every month. Whether it be a Savvy Home Buyer course, a Real Estate Investing 101 course, or a Condo Conversion workshop, we believe that with a little bit of extra knowledge you will be able to maximize your properties’ values.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge management, team of experts, and desire to HELP people know and understand all of their options, allowing our clients to make the absolute best decision. We have always tried to “stay with the times” and up to date with all the innovative changes in our market. Our workshops help buyers, sellers, and landlords meet one another, discuss current states of the market, and sometimes even share deals. We have a strong social media presence as well, along with an excellent website which provides a free home search tool for buyers and a free valuation tool for potential sellers.

On a personal level, I am the type of person where you give me a piece of bread, and I will return you a loaf. Whenever I am given the opportunity to assist someone in their move, I make sure to go above and beyond my duty as their realtor. My approach to every client is the same. It is never just about that one deal. I look at it as that deal, and the many deals to come, since most clients refer me to their friends and family after doing an amazing job. I think this is a key differentiator. Over the last two years I have really committed to working by referral and have implemented some client appreciation program where past clients receive monthly/ bi-monthly items of values, constant checks ins, client appreciation parties, and complete access to my database for any and all future needs.

How has HTP helped you?

HTP is the best! When you think about accounting, you probably break out into cold sweats, I know I do, but these three are amazing!! One of the best things they did for me, other than helping me catch a $9,000 error, is they took the time to teach me better bookkeeping skills. What I liked most about this is rather than get frustrated with me and my bookkeeping and over charge me for “cleaning it up”, which is what most CPA’s do, they sat me down and showed me exactly how I should be labeling everything. Now not only do I have all my financials in order, but hopefully their investment of time in me will make my tax return preparation easier for them in the long run! This is the kind of client approach I appreciate! They are out of this world intelligent, unbelievably patient, willing to explore all options, and dig deeper to make sure you are paying/receiving the proper amount and are overall just an incredibly fun group to be around!

Angela also presented at an education workshop we hosted for our client base and was able to assist some of our clients with amended returns and tax planning opportunities. She added on a total tax benefit of $295,500 that they would have otherwise lost/missed to the clients she met at the event.

What do you do when you’re not working?

When I am not working? I am a realtor. My full-time job is raising my two sons (soon to be three). I didn’t mention this in the earlier question, but selfishly, the best part about my business is the flexibility it has allowed me to spend time with my family. Outside of trying to keep up with these guys and selling every home I get my hands on, my wife and I love to attend sporting events (go Celtics), venture out to new restaurants, and travel as much as possible. Together we have been able to check off 30+ countries from our wish list and are always on the lookout for some cool new adventures.

If you have any future real estate needs, do not hesitate to contact Victor in the future. You can reach him by email at, or by phone 857-829-2686.